Every single thing that you have gone through to this day IS YOUR STORY.

These wounds are what make you QUALIFIED and READY FOR THIS next chapter of big change.

And yes, you’re wondering what happened? Where did the time go?

You can’t change these periods of time that have passed, and it doesn’t matter, but you CAN give notice to the uncertainty of being left behind by DOING YOU. And I promise you this, all the right things WILL SHOW UP.

Right now, I want to give you a new level of CONVICTION, a NONNEGOTIABLE CONVICTION. I want you from this moment forwards to accept that there isno failure, only feedback” on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Right now, Start to take ACTION and start to see AUTHENTIC changes to your subconscious mind reflect recognizable changes that you thought weren’t possible > positive changes in your daily life to your attitude, your emotions, your behaviors and your goals.

Coincidence? NO.

Remember, In the last few months, and since the Divorce or breakup, you’ve already tried hard to>

  • Relieve your own stress and anxiety
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop drinking
  • Loose weight
  • Eliminate other bad habits
  • Teach yourself new behavior

..and it just hasn’t been working. The truth is > your subconscious mind was probably sabotaging your life.

By now, your probably wondering what the next steps are just knowing that you can feel good on the inside and have REAL LIFE changes happen on the outside> your self-love, your self-generated happiness, your health, your prosperity, and the strength and capacity to continually exceed and take your goals to a higher level are quickly going to begin to fruition.

And so the value of these ACTIONS is intended so that >your actions and behaviors are mirrored by the seeds planted >which are in your thoughts> Thoughts become THINGS > This is the key to your deliberate creating.

The most primary factor based on the outcome of any situation or circumstance is based on what energy you put into focusing on the negative or positive outcome> IT IS, WHAT IT IS > VERY SIMPLE. Allow these tools to work for you, don’t just read this > absorb it > and then take ACTION.

Let’s get going: 7 DAILY ACTIONS TO REPROGRAM YOUR INNER SUBCONSCIOUS> Dosage: Use at least 3 of these tools regularly spread throughout each day.

1.VISUALIZATION> I’ve been speaking about this a lot in my courses, and I repeat it because Visualization is the primary aspect of meeting yourself at the person that you want to become. Imagine your ideal life> your goals >career > relationship >mental clarity >physicality> and spiritually. RELAX>CLOSE YOUR EYES>IMAGINE THE DESIRED OUTCOME>> Include all five of your senses, what does your desire look like? What are the shades and tones of it? What does it smell like? >Imagine It > Absorb it > Indulge It > Keep the wealth of feeling it gives you in mind ALL of the time > THIS IS your platform.

2.LEARN TO MEDITATE >Bringing yourself into an Alpha state of mind releases anxiety and tension immediately and promotes healing. Your mind becomes refreshed even with a few minutes practice each day.

Focus on your breathing and visualize that each breath you take in is positive energy and each breath that you expel is negative energy.

3. AFFIRMATIONS > Affirmations work by reprogramming your subconscious mind. Much like an exercise, repeating statements causes new triggers in the subconscious mind and actually programs it to start acting in those ways.

I’m going to give you 7 affirmations later on that I’d like you to follow. Start with these 7 affirmations one at a time each day before you go to sleep or when you wake up for 4 weeks. (1 affirmation per 4 weeks) and then learn to customize your own.

4. BE AFFIRMATIVE> If you want a stronger impact on your subconscious mind you’ve got to be affirmative in your daily self-talk. When you are affirmative, your subconscious reacts strongly to what you ask of it.

5. BE DIRECTIVE>When it comes to making a change in the subconscious mind level, you MUST decide what exactly you want to improve.

The use of guided meditation or subliminal audios or videos is highly beneficial to the Subconscious mind, just as the Conscious mind is soothed by listening to music being played or the video being watched, the Subconscious mind is hearing the hidden ‘message’ underneath the audio or video tone. Keep in mind that your Conscious mind may distract this information from registering on the Subconscious level if you mostly listened to these when you’re awake.

6. WILL AND HABIT> Having the ‘WILL’ to produce a change is driven by our motivation, it is a choice, whereas a habit has become autonomous. Both are related, and overtime a will can become a habit, and vice versa. The same way that having a bath is a habit, it became a habit through repeated action, and likewise, a ‘will’ with repeated action can become a habit that you wouldn’t give a second thought to, like keeping clean.

7. SELF SUGGESTION > Self-suggestion is a conscious technique to give instructions to your subconscious mind of what thought you want to see happen. If you want to be a positive person you must repeat positive statements repeatedly. This technique will help your subconscious mind eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positives ones.

Stop using words that suggest doubt>Words like: Maybe, probably, if, try… All have a connotation of a doubt. And it is very important in self-suggestion to get rid of any doubt if you want to be successful and have the outcome that you want.

7 Affirmations to follow daily:








Right here, now, in this moment, you are much more than what you see and what you hear in your physical body. Positive thinking and feeling about what you’re doing, and, feeling that you are actively moving in a positive direction really does change your mindset.

I’m wishing you all the best in your Journey of Self-Discovery. Be Love, Be Joy, Be Happiness and Become Abundant. To follow next week,  ‘How to Master the Art of being your Authentic Self’. Xxx

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